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Crystalix capsules - ingredients, opinions, forum, price, where to buy, lazada - PhilippinesCrystalix capsules is a new product that should contain all of the essential nutrients that the human body needs to keep our eyes healthy and protected. Especially for people who experience various eye problems, for instance; tired eyes, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and so much more.

It’s no news that blue light, which we are constantly exposed to, is very harmful to our eyes’ health. This blue light damages our retina and is known to affect our eyesight. In addition, blue light is also known to be one of the factors that lead to blindness and the ability to see is a gift of life.

Unlike the previous article, we are going to look at the product in general. Starting with how it works, how to take it, and so much more. We would also be discussing the price, and where we can purchase them from. Lastly, we would be providing customer feedback and current users reviews 2022 gathered. Read on for more details.

Crystalix was designed to help provide your eyes with the essential nutrients they need in order to be healthy.

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What is Crystalix capsules

This product is supposedly an antioxidant complex that is made out of natural ingredients and was designed originally by the manufacturers to help in protecting the eyes from damages and boost healthy vision.

The product is supposed to be made up of various extracts and oil for instance; the ginger root extract, rosehip fruit extract, plant extract, eyebright herb extract, structure blueberry berry extract and so much more.

The benefits of Crystalix capsules according to the manufacturer

  • This supplement is made up of natural ingredients that are filled with lots of minerals and vitamins that should be favorable to the health of humans generally.
  • The capsules should help muscle-related issues as it concerns the eyeball,
  • The product ought to promote visual functions and clear vision,
  • These capsules were designed with the purpose of of improving eye sensitivity,
  • According to the producers, the product should help handle various eye conditions for instance; itching, swelling, aching, strains, eye redness, etc.
  • The product is designed to help in strengthening the eye muscles.

Crystalix capsules how to take it, how it works, side effects

Crystalix capsules how to take it, how does it work, side effectsYou are probably interested in other details as regards the supplement. You are most likely curious about the Crystalix ingredients, what it is for, how to take it, Crystalix how does it work, and its side effects. Well in order for you to get these details, you have to read through till the end and become fully knowledgable on the capsules.

Starting with the composition of Crystalix ingredients:

  • Zinc – this ingredient have a higher concentration found in the eyes. Zinc should help to protect the eyes from danger as well as promote healthy vision.
  • Vitamin C – this is supposedly found largely in the retina which means the health of our eyesight to an extent should depends on how much vitamin C the body is supplied seeing as Vitamin C contributes to humans having healthy eye sights.
  • Vitamin D – it should help improve tear function by reducing the risks of macular degeneration. It should also help in reducing inflammation of the retina and improves overall vision.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin – they are known as macular pigments and are largely concentrated in the macula. It ought to help in reducing macula degeneration as well as they should protect the eyes against harmful blue light.
  • Bilberry extract – an ingredient very rich in antioxidants that should help in protecting the capillaries in the eyes.

The next step is learning Crystalix how to take it? According to the information manufacturer, the product can be used by both men, women . It is recommended by the manufacturers to take between 1-2 capsules a day alongside meals. Although, if you are bothered about Crystalix how to take it, you can always check the packaging of the product for more information.

Also, according to the information provided on the official website, the shelf life of this capsule is 2 years and for its storage conditions, it ought not to exceed 25 degrees (temperature). If you are bothered about vacation conditions, just know that you can always store the capsules in a plastic jar. Seeing as a plastic jar is preferrable as regards storage conditions.

Moving on, based on the information provided by the manufacturers, there is no indication whatsoever as regards contraindications of using this product. The reason is that Crystalix ingredients are supposedly made up of a natural composition which should have only positive effects on its users. Based on the information provided by the creators in section Crystalix how does it work – the product contains ingredients that ought to improve the overall health of one’s eyesight.


The manufacturer provides information regarding Crystalix how does it work saying the capsules composes of ingredients that ought to be effective positively on the eye and overall health of its users.

Crystalix opinions, forum, comments

Crystalix opinions, forum, commentsIn this section, we are bringing to you a prospective customer, some of the current users reviews 2022 that we were able to collect on the Crystalix forum. We are going to focus on some of the Crystalix comments and opinions as provided by customers or users of the product on the forum.

Provided below are some of the Crystalix opinions provided on special Crystalix forum:

As a result of the long hours I spent in front of my computer and other screens during the day and at night, I started experiencing eye aches that ended up becoming severe. I complained to my mom about it, and she got me this supplements as recommended by a friend.

Ashley, 37

I always hated the fact that I had to use either my glasses or contact lenses for long hours. Especially when I used my computer, it was very uncomfortable. I spoke to my wife about it and she got me these capsules. After using them for a while, I must say that I do not think I am ever going back to using glasses or contact lenses.

Leonardo, 43

I complained to my friend about my discomfort in reading at night and she recommended this product. I have made some more research about it on the internet and after reading seem comments which seemed to be very positive, finally I decided to order the product. Ever since I began using Crystalix, I have seen massive changes in vision as I now read better than before.

Tony, 28

Crystalix was designed to help provide your eyes with the essential nutrients they need in order to be healthy.

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We noticed that most of the Crystalix opinions, reviews and feedback provided by customer seem to be positive.

Crystalix how much does it cost, price

Crystalix how much does it cost, priceWe are on to the next question that has probably been on your mind since the beginning of this article and concerns Crystalix how much does it cost? Well, to answer the question of how much does it cost you would have to confirm the Crystalix price from the official website.

The reason is that most times, the manufacturers offer whooping discounts such as a 50% off or a buy 2 get 1 free bonus so it is usually best to make payment directly to the manufacturers. Therefore, it is advisable to check for the price on their website in order not to miss out on the various bonuses they might be offering as well as prevent you from making payment for fake products.


You can only get accurate answers on the price of the capsule on their official website as well as benefit from their various bonuses and promo.

Crystalix where to buy, pharmacy

Crystalix where to buy, pharmacyMost likely now you are already wondering Crystalix where to buy and if there is a Crystalix pharmacy? The truth is these capsules are best purchased from the manufacturers official website directly but not a pharmacy.

Manufacturer decided not to distribute the product in pharmacies since it’s much more easier not to go anywhere but just purchase the product and receive it straight at your door.


The straightforward answer to Crystalix where to buy is; Every one willing to buy Crystalix should go straight to their official website to place an order. There is no Crystalix pharmacy, and purchasing these capsules from a pharmacy is highly unadvisable.

Crystalix Lazada, Amazon- Phillipines

Crystalix lazada, amazon - PhilippinesYou must have been pondering if there is Crystalix Lazada and you probably checked out eBay and amazon to see if the product has been made available on these websites. Well according to the manufacturer, the supplement is not available on eBay and lazada neither is there a Crystalix amazon.

If you want to get this product then you have to reach out to the manufacturer for Crystalix Philippines by going on to their website to place your order (just simply search Crystalix capsules to lead you to the official website). The best part is that they deliver worldwide and even in the Philippines. You can just place your order and all you have to do is sit and wait for your package to be delivered.


You need to know that won’t be able to find the product in amazon or ebay neither there is Crystalix Lazada. All you have to do is visit the official website and place your order.

Frequently asked question and answers:

  • Is the Capsules limited to a particular gender?

Well no it isn’t, both males and females can use the capsules

  • Is there a possibility of the capsules worsening my eyesight?

According to the manufacturer, the capsules have no side effects whatsoever, so they ought to improve your eye health and visual acuity.

  • Can this product help me with my blurry visions?

Based on the information provided by the manufacturers on their official website, the product ought to help with blurry visions.

  • Can I use the capsules even if I have no eye default?

According to the manufacturers, yes anyone can make use of the capsules as they ought to also help in boosting the health of the eyes.

Crystalix was designed to help provide your eyes with the essential nutrients they need in order to be healthy.

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  1. Ever since I started with this product, I have felt no eye ache for over a month now. I am very grateful to my friend that introduced me to these Capsules

  2. This product has helped me greatly in relieving my eye pains and strains. I would definitely recommend this product over and over

  3. I honestly would recommend these capsules to anyone who is tired of their glasses just like I was. These capsules have been so effective for me and I am proud to be a regular customer of the product

  4. This is my first time trying out eye capsules and I very much love that I tried it out. Its effect is so obvious. In a long time, I haven’t seen this clearly


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