About us

Our mission is to promote knowledge about health and a healthy lifestyle, provide reliable information, and encourage Poles to take care of their and their loved ones’ health. We strive to make the idea of ​​performing preventive examinations, rational nutrition, regular physical activity and paying due attention to mental health and interpersonal relations a priority for everyone.

While our main value is the high quality and reliability of content, we are also well aware that health topics can be exciting and engaging. We can be proud of our deep knowledge about the needs of our users, thanks to which we are able to meet their requirements. This applies to both people who are looking for information about diseases and ailments, advice to lead a healthier life, and those who need support from other patients or doctors.

We devote a lot of attention to the continuous improvement of our service, all in order to improve the quality of life of our users and help them make the most important health decisions.

In addition to the high quality content created by a professional, recognized in the journalistic environment and award-winning editorial office, we provide users with a platform for sharing experiences, where they can create their own communities and support groups. What’s more, WP abcZdrowie is also a unique community connecting patients with doctors of various specialties and health experts. The service of asking questions to physicians allows you to anonymously, completely free of charge and in a short time to get answers to questions about health, and in particular the perceived complaints, test results, used medicines or treatment methods. This service is linked to the ranking of the most helpful doctors, who can easily find the right specialist and make an appointment.

We have also created a modern catalog of medicines and supplements. With the help of an intuitive search engine and extensive profiles of thousands of preparations, the user can get acquainted with the most important information about drugs, eg dosing, adverse reactions, interactions, as well as ask a pharmacist question and check the availability of medicines in the nearest pharmacies.

As a socially responsible medium, we strongly believe that we are able to help our users make the right decisions regarding health. We are convinced that by providing knowledge that can be applied in everyday life, providing advice that is the answer to the most frequently asked questions by Poles, as well as offering quick access to medical services and specialists, we can significantly influence the physical and mental health of our users and their families.

Jerome Darlin, Executive Editor, has worked as a reporter and editor for a number of newspaper and magazines.

He cut his teeth as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, which included stints as a foreign correspondent in Japan and Korea.

He was an editor of the News You Can Use section of U.S. News & World Report and a technology magazine, Business 2.0.

He created and wrote the Your Money column at The New York Times and later served as the paper’s technology editor in San Francisco before helping to start The Upshot.

Although he loves the West Coast, Jerome grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, graduated from the University of Chicago and remains a Midwesterner at heart.